• Learn how to sing beautifully, with ease and grace
  • Develop a commanding stage presence
  • Discover and express your full artistic power

I also work with people who use their speaking voices in any profession: teachers, lawyers, professors and anyone who feels that their voice is tired after speaking. 

I give masterclasses for young professional singers and advanced vocal students.

I work with choirs, to improve tone, range and diction.

I work with children & schools to promote music and creativity.

I work with students of all ages, from 1st grade to professional musicians. I can speak to non-music students to get them engaged and excited about music. Classes with music students will get a more detailed and complex explanation of the repertoire, as we talk about the historic context as well as the theoretical origins of the musical elements. All students are encouraged to participate in Eurythmic-Style exercises, where we play with rhythms, expression, and improvisation through movement.


Joining musical forces with the band VEHICLE, Deborah, Michael, Rami will weave spontaneous sonic tapestries for your event. Music emerges out of the pure creative power of the Universe!

Michael Fitzpatrick is a globally renowned cellist and 5-String Electric Cellist who has collaborated on projects focused on tuning the planet with His Holiness The Dalai Lama and The Vatican.  

Rami Yadid plays multiple instruments flawlessly, composing the future across vast spectrums. VEHICLE (Fitzpatrick/Yadid) has been performing and recording together for decades.   
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I am now offering lessons, workshops, and classes in SINGING, PERFORMANCE and STAGE PRESENCE.

I teach a special method that I created from decades of self-study and lessons from some of the finest teachers in the world. Please visit  for more information and details about my approach to discover and express your full artistic power with performance coaching!

I work with students ranging from complete beginners to experienced professionals. I guide beginners to apply the secrets of professionals, and I help professionals recapture the purity and innocence of beginners.



Deborah is a consummate professional with a special gift for interpreting

Handel, Mozart, and Rossini.  Please see ABOUT for details.


Deborah has a special love for the concert stage.

She is also a regular featured soloist with Santa Fe Pro Musica.


Deborah creates unforgettable, customized recitals for the concert stage, corporate events, family office retreats, weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions. Her most popular programs include:

"Shaping the Invisible: Leonardo da Vinci's principles in Song."

Leonardo da Vinci called music "The shaping of the invisible." In his New York Times best selling book How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, Deborah's husband Michael Gelb introduces seven principles for thinking like the Maestro.  In this recital, Deborah presents these ideas to the audience and then brings them to life with magnificent songs. It's a time-transporting, entertaining, educational and unique concert! It's a multi-sensory experience  with slide images of Leonardo’s art, and brief song translations. Composers include Benedetto Ferrari, Francesco Cavalli, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Claudio Monteverdi, Giulio Caccini, and Barbara Strozzi.

“Sacred Songs”

 J.S. Bach noted "The aim of all music should be the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.” Deborah will design and deliver a program of music that will touch your soul and uplift your spirit in a heartening way.  These songs are especially cherished at weddings, memorials, galas, benefits, and other special occasions.  Sample song selections:​ Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod), Jesu joy of man's desiring (J.S. Bach), Sheep may safely graze  (J.S. Bach)​, Alleluia from Exultate Jubilate (Mozart), Laudate dominum (Mozart), Pie jesu (Faure), The Lord's Prayer (Malotte), and more...

"Great American Songs"

Here are some of your favorite songs sung more beautifully than ever before. From the National Anthem and God Bless America, to Simple Gifts  and You'll Never Walk Alone, Deborah inspires her audience with these great American classics.